Galerie Zavodny
19 - Arjan Janssen - Zonder titel - 2016 - mei 2016 - 180 x 130 cm - olieverf op doekjpg.jpg

Copy of Arjan Janssen


Arjan Janssen

1965, Netherlands


The solo exhibition of Dutch artist, Arjan Janssen, presents cycles of charcoal drawings and large-format minimalist canvases, which naturally fit into the tradition of Dutch abstract painting.

He graduated from the Art Academy of St. Joost Breda and later studied philosophy course at the University of Amsterdam.

The exhibition at Závodný Gallery presents artist´s early works as well as latest paintings and offers the possibility of a deeper insight into Janssen’s artwork. This is initially focused on clear segmentation of the surface, with strong geometrical composition and regularity.

Gradually, Janssen frees himself from the strict order, introduces more sensitive elements into the composition, former hard lines of painting or charcoal drawing result in fine, unclear and disappearing traces. This transience creates an intriguing contrast between perpetual and ephemeral, giving the viewer space for his imagination. The artist often works with a stencil.

Fragile drawings often use light refraction, which creates reflections on the compact black surfaces and highlights their structure. The author deliberately leaves the pigment traces caused by the shifting of the stencil on the cardboard surface. These visual noises bring a sense of movement into the drawing and become a dynamic element.

Lately, Arjan Janssen is attracted by a more expressive approach which is particularly noticeable in his way of using colour. The large-format canvases carry distinctive colour records that create a sharp counterpart to black units and structures. Also, the traces of individual, generous brush strokes are easily perceivable.

Since 2002, Arjan Janssen has exhibited independently in a number of European countries. Today, his artwork is represented in international private collections as well as in collections of many Dutch institutions (Amsterdam SBK, Stedelijk Museum, Museum Breda). In 2015 he founded, together with artist Jan Willem van Welzenis, the initiative, which focuses on contemporary abstract creation in an international context.

In 2011 he had a joint exhibition with Jan Schoonhoven, a prominent Dutch post-war artist. For many years Arjan Janssen has worked with socially disadvantaged people.

13 - Arjan Janssen - Zonder titel - 2009 - februari 2009 (4) - 130 x 100 cm - olieverf op doek.jpg
01 - Arjan Janssen - Zonder titel - 2005 - juni 2005 - 200 x 125 cm - olieverf op doek.jpg