Galerie Zavodny
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fabrice ainaut

1982, Tarbes, France


Závodný Gallery presented for the first time in the Czech Republic the works of Fabrice Ainaut, an outstanding French artist which is exploring new possibilities of art using computer-controlled technologies.

He has shaped, formed and confronted his artistic vision through his work in the studios of renowned artists of 20th and 21st century modern art such as Carmelo Arden Quin, Julio Le Parc or Ivan Contreras Brunet.

After his studies at the Art School, Fabrice Ainaut decided to leave for Africa. Its exotic countries inspired him with their powerful primitive art and captivating rhythmic music. He subconsciously transfers this experience to his luminous moving objects and to a series of sophisticated wall reliefs.

Form, light and motion create the fundamental axis of Ainaut´s artwork. The series of pure white reliefs are followed up by mainly black and white structures. The segmentation of some of them creates a visual illusion of movement and gets close to the op art effects.

Real motion is incorporated in the variables in which individual parts can be mechanically rotated and moved around a vertical axis. To these kinetic objects based on mechanical motion, Fabrice Ainaut later added movable objects operating on a pre-programmed basis and controlled by a computer.

Each object has its own gear and its own computer animation. It bends and rotates to the rhythm predefined by the artist himself. The visual effect of the motion is enhanced by the LED light animation programmed for each piece separately.

The changeable light atmosphere, the positional shifting of individual objects presented at the exhibition in numerous groups, the motion and speed variations offered a number of combinations in the spatial presentation. Overall the exhibition had an emotive tone, the coexistence of the individual free-standing moving artworks evoked a casual animal liveliness.

Fabrice Ainaut often photographs his three-dimensional objects and then transforms the taken pictures into light boxes. This creates a new series of wall artwork which remains closely related to the objects.
Fabrice Ainaut´s works will be presented at the international art fair Art Basel in Switzerland in June 2019.