Galerie Zavodny

Robert Urbásek Lubomír Přibyl-EN


Lubomír Přibyl a Robert Urbásek:
The power of one colour 

The exhibition of Lubomír Přibyl / born 1937 in Prague / and Robert Urbásek / born 1965 in Bratislava / at the Závodný Gallery in Mikulov, presents two artists of two generations who have found their interest in strongly reduced, monochromatic approach. Their relief paintings are based on the power of one colour.

Furthermore, both artist use the cord to create relief structures on the canvas or wooden board. Despite the similar means, their way of thinking and the artwork itself is quite distinct.


Robert Urbásek

The artwork of Robert Urbásek represents the power of abstract painting where an intense expressive colour is combined with a haptic structure of the relief surface.


Lubomír Přibyl

Lubomír Přibyl entered the art scene at the turn of 1950s and 60s and very early on diverged from the concept of structural painting known as informel..